I want to be as free &
honest as I can be
in the short time I have in this universe.
I'll spare you the usual BS
I spend my days and nights creating
something beautiful to see or listen to
I paint many types of pieces
From social and cultural statements
to the simply aesthetic.
I wanted to be
a football star
a rock & roll star,
a scientist
a writer
a scholar
an astronaut
a billionaire
a farmer
a philanthropist
a pediatrician
a lover
an inventor
a 1000 year old man
a kid again.....
Basically, I'm a dreamer
I can be these things when I paint
Each new canvas is a vision of life
I'm thankful for the many individuals
who have supported my career
They have allowed me
to live one of my dreams

Oprah Winfrey
Eddie Murphy
Dwight Myers
Diane Martin
Mark Sisco
Many More